Issues with the resolution of Dell IN2010N / IN2010NB

The following problems occured with two monitors from different shipments of the type “Dell IN2010N / IN2010NB”: after a cold start of the PC into Windows (no matter if Vista / 7) the correct resolution (1600×900) was selected, but the whole picture was moved leftwards and stripes were displayed. By manually turning off and on the monitor the problem disappeared – for the session. However this cannot be a good solution.

I do not seem to be the only one with this issue:

For me the advice of installing an inf-file (the monitor’s definition file) has not shown any effect. My solution looks like this:

  1. Download MultiRes and install it
  2. Start “cmd” and find out the 8-character alias of “Program Files” resp. “Program Files (x86)” by executing “dir /on /x” in the root directory (on my side: “PROGRA~2”).
  3. Start → All Programs → right click on “Startup Programs” → “Open”
  4. Copy “multires.bat” into the new open window. The file does not (!) need administrator rights.


  • taskkill.exe is a part of Windows XP/Vista/7
  • “ping -n 4” .. creats a 4-second break (there is no sleep-command in Windows!)
  • “start” .. starts a program in the background and continues processing the batch-file
  • “taskkill” because multires.exe stays active after starting it and we need to close it to start it again with different parameters 🙁
  • where applicable the waittime should be adjusted, because we cannot set the order of the startup programs in Windows
  • max. resolution of the Dell IN2010N/IN2010NB is 1600×900 (16:9)

As always: comments are welcome.

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