Debugging the PATTON SN4638: Setting up the syslog-daemon

If the PATTON SN4638 does something it should not (although it is running a seemingly correct configuration) a debug-session can come in handy. The SN4638 supports debug output only via syslog. The fact that I could not find any useful information with a straight search on Google has made me write this short explanation.

On the server machine (in this example Ubuntu where rsyslogd is the standard syslog daemon) open the file


and check for the following line:


If it looks different you will have to change it according to the line above.

Next open the file


and find the following lines:

# provides UDP syslog reception
#$ModLoad imudp
#$UDPServerRun 514

Change them to look like this:

# provides UDP syslog reception
$ModLoad imudp
$UDPServerRun 514

Save and exit.

Run these commands in a terminal window:

$ sudo su - 
# cat /dev/null > /var/log/syslog
# service rsyslog restart

This clears the current syslog and restarts the syslog daemon using root credentials.

Next open the web interface of the SN4638 in a browser.

Under Various → Syslog enter the IP address of the server machine in the Host field and put the number 514 in the Port field. Press the enter key.

A new entry is now available. Click on the IP address.

Under Facility select the entry sip in the dropdown menu and under Severity select the entry debug. Click on the create icon.

Under Facility select the entry isdn in the dropdown menu and under Severity select the entry debug. Click on the create icon.

You will find the messages on the sever machine in the file


Please note: the file grows fast! Make sure to disable syslog output in the web interface of the SN4638 after the debug session!


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