PsExec and Windows 7

I like to use PsExec (v1.98) to execute batch files or install software on other PCs on the network when it comes in handy. With Windows XP it always worked flawlessly. Yesterday it was supposed to be the same with Windows 7. Nothing worked.

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Learning Python in one week

I was looking for a quick way to jump onto Python – because I was a bit undecided and not willing to read 500+ page books for maybe giving up in the end.

I just would not have considered it possible, but instead of googling for good tutorials you should have a look into “Google Code University”. I did so and discovered a very well written Python course.

Here we go to Google’s Python Class.

And there is more to find: Google uses Python for its own projects and that is why they created a list of best practices called “Google Python Style Guide“. The way it is written reminds me of Damian Conways “Perl Best Practices“.

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It’s cold outside

Just read on Planet GNOME:

It’s cold outside by Stuart Langridge


If you’re bored today, I have a suggestion for you. Go and find a dude who claims to be a 24-hour locksmith and punch him in his stupid lying face.

[…] right now I’d cut my right hand off if Pol Pot showed up as long as he brought a pair of gloves and some soup.

Priceless 🙂

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Debugging the PATTON SN4638: Setting up the syslog-daemon

If the PATTON SN4638 does something it should not (although it is running a seemingly correct configuration) a debug-session can come in handy. The SN4638 supports debug output only via syslog. The fact that I could not find any useful information with a straight search on Google has made me write this short explanation. Continue reading

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WiFi on Ubuntu with the Sony Vaio VGN-FS415E

Last week a colleague wanted to clean up and reinstall his laptop and asked me if it was possible to configure the Windows installation in a way that keeps the maintenance effort low because the system was just supposed to provide a browser and a media player. I configured the new Windows installation according to his requirements and offered him to install Ubuntu too, so he could test both operating systems.

After the installation of Ubuntu all hardware components were successfully initialized, but no WiFi networks did show up although the internal WiFi card was reported active. Unfortunately the solution was not that obvious. Continue reading

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Errorcode 18 from Telekom Speedport LTE

Today I wanted to assist a colleague at setting up his Speedport LTE.

The signal strength was “very good”, so I did not expect problems from this direction. My first try with connecting resulted in a “Errorcode 18” message and the LTE symbol in the webinterface stayed red. After some digging in the T-Online forums some threads by other help-seeking people appeared, but nothing really usable.

The key to the mystery: before I try to put any (mobile communications) hardware into operation, I should have a look at the order confirmation to find out when my contract will actually be activated. The “Errorcode 18” is displayed when the contract is not yet activated. Shame on me.

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aastra RFP L32 IP zurücksetzen

Da jetzt ein Austausch dieser Geräte ansteht, würden wir gern unsere Einstellungen löschen (v.a. den PARK und die Lizenzinformationen), also die Werkseinstellungen laden. Continue reading

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aastra RFP L32 IP Anschaltung mit pfSense

Hier möchte ich beschreiben, wie mittels pfSense drei DECT-Funkzellen des Typs “aastra RFP L32 IP” via DHCP eingerichtet werden. Continue reading

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Remaining parts arrived

Eventually everything is now complete and I can start building my “telephone-test area” 🙂

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OpenVPN with pfSense 2.0

Right now I am busy with configuring pfSense. The next topic on my agenda is VPN. The tutorial on is a bit shallow (especially concerning version 2.0). This video answers the most questions:

Hint: be aware to select the “DynDNS: ..” entry in the “Host Name Resolution” section with Client-Export, because otherwise the config file will contain the current IP address of your WAN port!

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