The value of a prototype

After Google announced to give away a predecessor (called “CR-48”) for the coming generation of notebooks with ChromeOS for free in December 2010, we could sense a significant amount of excitement even here in Germany. But that stopped suddenly when it turned out that this prototype would only be available in the USA (Google speaks about a charge of around 60.000 devices).

After Google IO went down this year those notebooks loaded with ChromeOS are now officially called “Chromebooks” and should be available in Germany starting next week.

But what if a Chromebook “CR-48” was going to appear here on

Samsung charges you with 449.00 EUR for its Chromebook “Series 5” with an UMTS-module. This is in no way representative, but how would the market (via eBay) set the price for a nowhere-to-buy Chromebook? Look for yourself:

In my opinion this price is very realistic. Why? Google wants to get into the netbook game and wants to provide a better, more functional and secure alternative to Windows on these devices. With the gap between current netbook prices and the price of the “Series 5” Chromebook it will be very hard to reach that goal.

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